Announcement: My Website + New Changes

Hi, friends!

I’ve recently been working hard behind the scenes on integrating a few tools for both myself and potential clients. These new tools will help save time and improve client experience! *happy dance* The way you present yourself in your business and the way you run things on the back end of things change the way people view you and your brand. These changes were needed and welcome! Here ya go!

  1. The Official Kailee Trippett Photography Newsletter – While the blog is home to weekly posts and my portfolio galleries, my newsletter will consist of more personally curated, exclusive, timely content. This is not a signup to get my blog posts in your inbox. In short, when you sign up, you get to see a whole different set of specially crafted letters that will never see the light of day on the blog! I plan on releasing new offers, special events, promo codes, and even a dose of my poetic, Jesus-loving, art addicted self! Right now, many of you are partaking in the Welcome series which consists of 5 total emails, one a day, to introduce you to me, my business, and what is in store for KTP. To sign up, just fill out the pop up box when you first enter my website! It may help to refresh your page or restart your browser.

    Sign up in this box that pops up upon entering my website! 😀 
  2. Simple Scheduling….On Your Watch – It is hard to say which feature is my favorite right now! This one comes pretty close! I’d like to introduce Calendly to my scheduling workflow. You see, when finding a date to book your photoshoot, many people do the “back and forth” method which is essentially communicating your date availability over a few days until you find a mutual day that works for you both. With Calendly, I can display what dates I have open and you get to choose which date works for you, when you want. Each link stays open for a number of days after it is shared, so if you want a specific date, but aren’t sure if you’ll be available that day, you can wait until you know, and then choose your date! It saves time and is easy to use. Stay tuned for a Facebook Live video of me showing you how to use it. I already have live links on my homepage for mentoring sessions! They are open indefinitely.
  3. A Clean, Beautiful Gallery For Your Memories – I have long needed a different gallery system that is cleaner, more updated, and photographer appropriate. So, I’ve enlisted Pixieset! With Pixieset, you can view, download, purchase, and share your gallery once you have the link! Before, I didn’t have a gallery service that was clean, pretty, useful, and practical. My favorite part is it’s presentation. When packaged correctly, your photos look just beautiful! They’re so pretty to look at in Pixiset! It also makes me feel good to have something that looks appropriate and matches the feel of my brand. Take a look!
    Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 8.49.22 AM
    I love the customizable cover! 
    Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 8.47.33 AM
    Look at what a sweet family! ❤ 


    I’m so thrilled to add these things to my brand. There is so much going on at KTP and I want to ensure you are included in all the growth and changes! I think it is all so much fun. There is still so much to learn and so many places to go. Yay! Thank you for joining me thus far. I’m glad you’re here. 🙂




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